5 Baby Steps to Take to Your Business Success!


5 Baby Steps to Take to get Your Online Success


1. Clarify What Problem You are actually Solving with Your Business.
Work out what is your Industry Niche for your Product. Then work out who is your Target Audience. Until you know who you are attempting to help and what problem they have you will not attract the right people and will not come across as being real, caring and authentic.

2. Build a Simple Sales Funnel. This is used to guide people along a designated path to assist them with understanding that the solution you have is right for their problem. It also allows you to make the whole process automatic and free up your time and give you the Lifestyle you want as well.
There are three ways to do this. Easiest is (a) Create a fan page and add a call to action button that leads to an Online form and spreadsheet. Great professional looking is (b) use a drag and drop Funnel creation program like Clickfunnels. Or Hardest but best is (c) Build a Capture, Sales and Thank you page on your Own Website.

3. Promote Your Solution not Your Product. Each personality type has their own strength and comfort zone for the best type of Marketing to use for their business.
The best way for a Visual Person who doesn’t like talking, is to master Social Media Pay Per Click (PPC ) and build Targeted Audiences.
The best way for an Auditory Person who loves Talking, is to do Social Media Private one on one Messaging or Skype Messaging and calling.
The best way for a Kinesthetic or Feeling Person is to organize a cup of Coffee with friends or a group and talk about things in casual manner or maybe join a Meetup.com meeting group or Hangout somewhere.
Find the mode you feel most comfortable with and master it until you get results before going onto something else like Video or Instagram marketing.

4. Follow up Effectively and Build Relationships. Email Broadcast messages are great to send out from your auto-responder and give people tips, How to… Information or Inspirational Quotes.
Using Mobile Phone, Skype or inviting people to Webinars also works as well. Spend a lot of time giving people valuable content ans showing them what to do. this attracts the type of person you want to work with and have in your business.
People will only buy from People they Know, Like and Trust. So get to know people. Find out what their pain points are and offer a suggestion solution.

5. Teach and Train Your New People to Do what You Do.
When people first get started they have no clue on what to say or do to get started and get some results on the board. Those that join your Team try to spend time with them and help them get started and be their Mentor and Coach for them. This will bring you in so much more business because it is not common in the industry. Spend 80% of your time with the Newbie’s and 20% marketing and doing your other business things.
Give people the facebook group links and the training links and give them a step by step guide on what to do next.

If you just implement these Baby Steps to your business you will see massive changes and Results within 60 to 90 days.To start a Simple Business of your own Online and work out how to set it up correctly Check out my 5 Steps Recipe to Online Business Success.

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My Name is Colin Stasinowsky I struggled for much of my earlier time online until I found that it was all about helping other people solve their Problems not pitching and selling my Product. I now specialize in helping people Covert Leads into Sales and build High Converting Sales Funnels. If you would like a Mentor to help you deal with many of the common struggles that people face online from happening, then contact me for some ideas. I have figured out some simple step by step Recipes that People can follow to get Amazing results.

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