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How to Cash in on the Growing Bitcoin Revolution!


What is Cryptocurrency?  It is the digital currency of the future on the Internet. No one can seize it or censor it. It’s a way of purchasing goods from one person direct to another person with no middle men or clearing houses to slow things down with your transactions. There are very few fees involved and little delays in this process. It can be used worldwide with no qualifications. You simply need a computer or mobile device and the Internet.

Growth History has simply been amazing. Bitcoin is the father of all Cryptocurrency and was started by an unidentified person or group under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009 and has quickly become the talking point and trading currency of many people around the world.  The starting price was US$0.08 in July 2010. In July 2011 it had grown to US$31.
Today the price is now over US$2,000. Simply amazing growth and it is expected to be over $4,400 by the end of the year. Market capital is now over $60 Billion as well. This is a growth of over 300% since the May 2016 price of US$453. Since then there have been a myriad of other currencies started such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and Dash etc.

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Why are so many people fleeing the Fiat Currencies ( Backed by Government not Gold ) especially the Chinese?
Fiat currency has a long history of failing ever since the Romans first started the idea. Not one currency has survived and often the economy has gone down as well. People are scared and are sick of Governments and big Banks lying to them.
Governments love devaluing the currency to pay the bills and increase their wealth. Is it any wonder people are looking for alternatives like Precious metals, Gold and Silver and Cryptocurrencies. See how fast money is fleeing the Fiat currencies around the world live right now. Click Here.

So how can you begin to collect Cryptocurrency right now and start divesting yourself? There are three simple steps to take and this info will help you understand how the process works.
1. Deposit into an Exchange Account with your currency.
2. Convert Exchange Deposit into Bitcoin.
3. Store Bitcoin in a Digital Wallet for future Transactions.

1. Set up a Cryptocurrency Wallet to hold your currency. Without a wallet you can’t send or receive bitcoin payments. Open an account with a big company like Blockchain or Coinbase
2. Next you will need a place to Buy or Sell your Bitcoin and be able to put it in your wallet. Open an exchange account with a big company like Coinbase, Coinmama or Coinjar ( Australia )
3. In your exchange account Buy Bitcoins with your currency. Once the transaction is verified you will see your Account has been credited. You can now go to your wallet and select Deposit. You will be asked for how much you want to deposit and you will get a Receiving Identifier code. You can then go to your Exchange account and send the currency amount to that identifier. It will take around an hour to complete after 6 online blockchain verifies have taken place.

These are some of the other ways to collect Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency :-
The two of the best ways to collect more Bitcoins than just buying them directly, is through Investment Trading and Co-Op Mining of Bitcoins.

Trading – Because Bitcoin currency is so volatile it is ideal for trading. We can make profits on the rising and falling values. It is not hard to get returns of 20% per month or 240% annual returns. Click Here for more Info.

Co-Op Mining – Because each Cryptocurrency transaction needs to be verified as valid then this is done by Miners. Very large computers with Cryptocurrency software on them do this job and they are rewarded with new coins for doing that. By being part of a Co-Op Mining Team you get to share in the new coins generated. Click Here for more Info

How can you Profit from Cryptocurrency?

There are so many new ways now popping up all the time that you can join the Cryptocurrency Revolution and profit. All products and services done with Fiat currencies are now also becoming available to use in the digital world.
Just like Email transformed written mail, Uber transformed the taxi industry, Airbnb transformed the Accommodation Industry so too is Digital Currency transforming the Banking and Money transaction Industry.

– Buying and holding Bitcoins. Value is increasing so quickly so your Asset increases rapidly.
– Trade Bitcoins
– Bitcoin Loans.
– Selling goods and services for Bitcoin.
– Gambling in online casinos (not recommended )
– Complete Micro tasks for Bitcoin.
– Ad viewing for Bitcoin.
– Bitcoin Mining – large computer needed.
– Bitcoin Cloud Mining -online Computer Resources shared

One of the best ways to profit from Bitcoins is through Bitcoin Affiliate Education Programs.

Affiliate Programs – By Recommending and Referring people to Educational Products and Digital Information you can receive Bitcoin commissions and generate additional Income in the from of Cryptocurrency. Click Here for more Info

How safe is Cryptocurrency?
Like all tools and systems they can be used for the wrong purpose and people always try to steal wherever they can. Because the Cryptocurrency is encrypted it is impossible to steal as there is a public ledger that tracks every thing. However the weakness is through Fraud, Ponzi pyramid schemes and at the point of traction into and out of cryptocurrency.

It is only as safe as the person or company you are paying your money to. Once the money is in your wallet no one can get to it unless your username and password are stolen. No Government or Bank can touch it.

There have been 40 cases already of Bitcoins being stolen from Individuals and currency exchanges, some of which were over $1 Million. These have mainly been due to hackers gaining access.
So like everything there are risks but with the amount of currency fleeing to cryptocurrencies, see Here, there are more and more people confident around the world today, confident of it’s future and are willing to Invest and see it as a valid currency and here to stay.

Where is the Future headed with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are seeing huge growth. The number of bitcoins is limited to 21Million so the value of each bitcoin will continue to rise. It is expected be be over US$4,400 by the end of 2017. Similarly all the other currencies will do the same.
Cryptocurrency is safe, anonymous and utterly decentralized so it’s popularity will grow.
The Technology is still only very young and is developing all the time making it safer and more secure.

The wave has only started. As more and more people come on board the opportunities are huge to profit from Cryptocurrency now and for a long time into the future.

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