How to Build a Better Business Online.

Finding good helpful information about running an Online Business is not easy.

So many people are pushing their product or business with little interest in helping you. All they want is a quick sale with no support and then they forget you. They offer a Get Rich Business not a solution.
What I found in my two and a half year journey through a lot of trial and error was a lot of Scams, Pyramids, Get Rich Quick Schemes with huge claims and hidden info, just to get you to buy their product.

Well on this site we cut out all the rubbish and give you what you need. Clear, Precise, Step by Step Information and Tools to help you build your business much better online. If you want to join us in business then I have put together some “Business Packs” which are a series of some of the Best helpful businesses I could find that will give you great additional Information, Training while Helping you get Paid while you Learn. Join our Facebook Group and share more Information with like minded people. Many people around the world are finding what they are looking for right here. They are finding the answers to all their questions and also getting great results after failing and struggling for so long.

So many people see the big dollars and the amazing results by the few and the no effort required promises, that they jump right in and think this will be better and this will finally work for me now. ( Known as the shiny ball syndrome ) They get in and think this is no different after a few months of no results. This whole Online Business is not easy and requires a lot of effort for things to work.

Of all the Problems People have with Online Business the number one Problem is getting Traffic to their Offer or Presentation. Most people have problems getting traffic to their Offer. It is easy to get Traffic and when people do get the flow working they realize that still does not solve their problem. It is not the volume of Traffic that matters but Traffic that converts into sales which is the key. The reason for this is people use the shotgun approach instead of the laser targeted approach. You will never get many sales by spamming or sending your links all over the place. You will get conversions and sales as people realize you care about them, provide practical solutions to their needs and begin to Know Like and Trust you. Its is called Magnetic Sponsoring. read More HERE.

This website is dedicated to all the failures I made and to helping you find out what is needed to be done to get any online business working and giving you practical steps and information to get results no matter which business you are working with.

We share with you the right Tips, the right Tricks, the right Blueprints and the right Information to get you on the right Track for making the Money you want. The Key to your Success is helping others first and providing them with value and knowledge to show them what to do.

Common Online Business Problems :-

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Which Niche/Product – more Info Web Build/Responder – more Info How to Promote – more Info
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How to Follow Up – more Info How to Train Team – more Info Change Your Mind – more Info

Simple Strategy to Get You Going Fast.
1. Choose the right Business Niche and product you can get Passionate about. Have two products Low & High.
2. Join a Business and obtain your Promotional Link.
3. Setup a Business fan page on facebook.
4. Start Adding Value to this Page. How to Information and tips.
5. Start Connecting and Talking with People. Find Problems and Offer Solutions. How to Video Click HERE.
6. Follow up is the key to Wealth. Building relationships and finding their problems and offering solutions.
7. Offer people your low end solution first and then up sell them to your high priced main business later.
8. Connect, Connect and Connect with people offering value so they Know Like and Trust you.
9. You cannot Fail if you never Quit. Keep going and tap into Personal Motivational material everyday.
10. Your Success is only a matter of Time.
Do the numbers consistently and you will reap the Harvest. Easy to Get Traffic, Hard to Get Sales
It is easy to generate Traffic through the likes of Solo Ads and Facebook PPC Ads.
The Problem is the Traffic you get is often not qualified very well. You don’t know what the problem they have is and they don’t know where to find the information they need to help them.
So we throw offers at people, hoping they will take action and wonder why so few respond. You can do the numbers and crunch through contacting and sharing your offer with many people. That does work a little but takes patience and lot’s of time while you grind through the work. So hard to Duplicate that strategy and so Few will copy you on that.
We either qualify people directly ourselves ( the slow way but better ) by building relationship with them or they Qualify themselves by seeing their Problem listed or Highlighted in front of them ( the Fast Way ) and then picking the right Solution to solve their problem.
Isn’t it much better helping people that want help by finding what it is they are looking for and than offering a solution. This is called “Attraction Marketing” Why not start with a simple Needs Analysis Page in Google Doc Form with questions that share where they are at and what they want. The other way is to list a lot of Common problems with … ‘HERE’ or ‘Learn More About.’ What has frustrated me about all the businesses online I joined up with is, I would put all the effort into finding people and getting activity but so few would convert to sales. ( How to Convert Traffic to Sales Video’s in Channel )
So if you feel the same way as me and wondering how these so called guru’s are making all the money, well here is the Information you have been looking for.
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Here’s to Your Success!

Colin Stasinowsky