To Effectively sell any Product you need to Find people who have a problem that your product will solve.
It is difficult to find these people with out a long search and a detailed discussion with them.¬† Then you have the problem, most people don’t realize they have much of a problem anyway.
So unless you talk with people one on one it will be very slow and your Income will be very low using this method.

The best Method is to find a large group of people that have similar problems by target searching. Then you can get them to view your presentation  by offering them a FREE gift in exchange for their Email address and their time to look at your Video, Website or Presentation.

The best way to Automate this Sales Process is to use what we call a Sales Funnel. You can either do this just inside your specialist Funnel pages or through your Website pages.

Block8Funnel Magic Block 1 – FREE eBook :-

The very first Block you Need for your Sales Funnel is a Gift of some Kind to give people in exchange for their Email address. This allows you to build your contact list and continue to follow up, support, help and market to on an ongoing basis.
You can search the Internet type typing in “pdf (the Name you want to find )” You can go to FREE eBook sites for some but most have someone else’s contact info and Websites listed.

Best way is to create a “How to … ” Document and turn that into a pdf. Remember to use your contact details and Website at the end. Make clickable links if possible.

How to Use – When you setup your capture page in the next Block 2 – Capture Page and Block 3 – Auto-Responder, You send this automatically to your new subscriber once they fill the Capture page in with your auto-responder.

Next BLOCK 2 – Capture Page to setup.