To Effectively sell any Product you need to Find people who have a problem that your product will solve.
It is difficult to find these people with out a long search and a detailed discussion with them. Then you have the problem, most people don’t realize they have much of a problem anyway.
So unless you talk with people one on one it will be very slow and your Income will be very low using this method.

The best Method is to find a large group of people that have similar problems by target searching. Then you can get them to view your presentation by offering them a FREE gift in exchange for their Email address and their time to look at your Video, Website or Presentation.

The best way to Automate this Sales Process is to use what we call a Sales Funnel. You can either do this just inside your specialist Funnel pages or through your Website pages.

Block8Funnel Magic Block 3 – Auto-Responder :-

The Third Block you Need for your Sales Funnel is an Email Auto-Responder. An Auto-Responder is used to process someone’s Email address from the Capture page to followup, support and future market to. Your most valuable Asset with your Online business is your Email List. What ever you do, begin collecting Email addresses before you send anybody to your Affiliate, Network-Marketing or Company business links. You are throwing away a fortune if you are not doing this.

The quickest way to set up an Auto-responder is to create a Form in Google Docs using your Gmail account.


The Best way with a bit of Skill is to Subscribe to a Full Email Marketing Suite like Get Response for
all your Email processing needs.

You need a Professional grade Email Marketing suite program to do your heavy work and allow you to
set up your Business on Autopilot. Other great Companies are Mail Chimp, Aweber and Salesforce.

For suggested Products see Below if you don’t have any of your Own.

How to Use – When a Capture Page is filled out the response goes to your Email Auto-Responder for Processing. You send immediately your FREE eBook as per your Capture page offer to the new subscriber.
Then you send each day or on regular days from there on, a pre-written email to followup your new subscribers.

Copy of Email campaign messages document Click Here. ( Coming soon )

You are building your relationship with them and offering them more Free information and continuing to share
your Main Offer with them. You then send out every day or so, Broadcast Email messages to keep in contact with
people, build trust and help them to know like and trust you further. You can now send every third broadcast
message, your other Offers and continue to market to your most valuable Asset, your growing mail list.

First broadcast should me Motivational and Inspirational. Second broadcast should be helpful business content.

Next BLOCK 4 – Trip Wire Product.


Get Response – Has an easy Landing Page Creator and Integrates into it’s full Email and Auto-responder Features.


– Web Tools and Support!
– Business Email Marketing!
– Integrated Auto-Responders!
– Landing Pages and Forms!
– 99% Email Delivery Rates!
Professionally handled Email Marketing Campaigns to manage all your List Building Needs. Creating Quick and Easy Opt-In Pages and Forms is a must to High Conversion Rates. Being Professional and Building Online
Relationships is key to Your Success.


Pure Leverage – is another Amazing Suite of Tools to help setup Your Website with Capture Page integration.


– Complete Email Marketing System
– Built in Capture Pages
– Full Professional Auto-Responder
– Web Hosting and Web Building
– Conference facilities and Backup tools
– Video Email Service
– Elite Coaching Program
Pure Leverage teaches you everything you need to know to build a very comfortable business from home using Proven attraction marketing techniques that will have all your prospects calling you. All the Tools You Need like – an Auto Responder, a Lead Capture System, a Video Email Service, a Leveraged Authority Blog, a Live Meeting Room along with an Elite Coaching Program.



To Build Your Ideal Auto-Responder Email System you need these Pages Designed as well:-

1. Capture Page. ( Collect Prospects Contact details for Relationship Building and Future Marketing)
2. Sales Page or Affiliate Presentation or Video Page. (Share your Presentation and Offer and Sell your Product)
3. Thank you Page and Already Subscribed Page. ( Confirm the sale and Appreciate their Decision and Action )Funnel Code is Coming Soon to help you with building a Similar page to this one.
4. Pre-Written Email Message. You send out every day for a week and then every 2nd day for another week and then once per week for 2 more weeks.
So you need somewhere around 9 to 12 pre-written messages in your Auto-Responder before you start your Traffic generation. ( Block 8 )