Cryptocurrency Revolution

CryptoCurrency – The Digital Money of the Future.

What’s all the Fuss and Excitement about?

You have started an interesting Journey of Learning , Collecting and Profiting from Cryptocurrency.


What is Cryptocurrency?  It is the digital currency of the future on the Internet. No one can seize it or censor it. It’s a way of purchasing goods from one person direct to another person with no middle men or clearing houses to slow things down with your transactions. There are very few fees involved and little delays in this process. It can be used worldwide with no qualifications. You simply need a computer or mobile device and the Internet.

Bitcoin is the father of all Cryptocurrency and was started by an unidentified person or group under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009 and has quickly become the talking point and trading currency of many people around the world. Bitcoins are the broken down into Micro bitcoins ( 10-6 ) and Satoshis (10-8) of a Bitcoin.

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All transactions are verified by what we call Miners and they are rewarded with new Coins for doing that. The details of each transaction are made public in a ledger called a blockchain.

What is exciting is the potential and growth for Cryptocurrency

Imagine a banking system that is not being manipulated or controlled by an elite few.  It is a fairer system available for all people worldwide. The potential is huge. Get your share of the action now.

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The future of Cryptocurrency

It is great to see your interest growing in Cryptocurrency. Here is some more background information that will help you to see the potential of getting involved for yourself.

Bitcoin came into existence such a short time ago but the idea has caught on by millions of people around the world and now Bitcoin is a household name. There are 14.6 million Bitcoins in circulation right now worth around  US$34 Billion dollars.

In the near future Cryptocurrency will make such a paradigm shift to money transfer that it will also end up crippling many institutions like today’s governments because there is only one layer of work being done by individual people and three layers of money abstraction. The first layer of taking out are Corporation profits. The second layer of taking out money are the banks. And finally a big layer is governments taking  out through taxes. All these layers rely on the flow of cash.

Cryptocurrency will do away with banks cutting them out of the loop entirely making them redundant and obsolete. This will result in a gap between the working economy, corporations and governments who want funds. By not being able to tap into money flows. They lose taxes which makes things very difficult to operate governments. They will have to depend on working people deciding to fund them.

There are security concerns with Cryptocurrency which are being improved daily. The thefts that have occurred, have been as a result not from the blockchain structure, but from the standard Digital signature technology used to send money. Thieves sometimes hacked people’s computers and stole their private keys.

Blockchain may be used for self enforcing contracts soon to make agreed payments automatically when the task is complete.  Ethereum has been credited with being able to do this already.

How to begin collecting Cryptocurrency

There are many forms of Cryptocurrency at present, with the father being Bitcoin. Current price is now at US$1255. Years ago you could have bought Bitcoins for $1.00 each in 2011. They continued to be in huge demand with incredible growth. Even though Bitcoins are highly priced at present, you can be involved for a basic investment of between $50 to $5,000.

You have two choices in collecting Bitcoins.
1. Passive Investment with a done for you trading team or
2. Active Business by investing and building a great team and selling Cryptocurrency products online.

Coming soon is an all in one business where people can choose if they want done for you Passive Investment or an Active business building plan for greater profits.

Here are the simple steps to start a collection plan for yourself.
To begin collecting cryptocurrency this is what you need to do; –

1. Research all your options ( trading and business ) Spread the Risk.
2. Set up a Cryptocurrency Wallet – eg. Blockchain.
3. Buy coins. ( eg. Bitcoin using Coinmama )
4. Invest your Bitcoin in Trading, Business or both. That is go shopping.
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5. Setup an automatic business with a mixture of trading and products to sell.

If you would like to start collecting your own Cryptocurrency or begin to profit from using Cryptocurrency, then head on over to our website and shop here and check out our many options.

How to profit from Cryptocurrency?

You are on the right track to profiting from Cryptocurrency. What I want to do is explain the steps now that many people are using to make Cryptocurrency profit work for them.

Here are some ideas on How to profit using Cryptocurrency.

– Trade Bitcoins
– Bitcoin Loans.
– Selling goods and services for Bitcoin.
– Gambling in online casinos (not recommended )
– Complete Micro tasks for Bitcoin.
– Ad viewing for Bitcoin.
– Bitcoin Mining – large computer needed.
– Bitcoin Cloud Mining -online Computer Resources shared.

Because Bitcoins have their prices dictated by the masses it creates a lot of volatility and price fluctuations.

These fluctuations are ideal for passive income trading provided you find a legitimate company. Be careful there are many scammers out there. ( see my article on how to pick a scammer ) It is not hard to make 1% to 20% per month on your money with currency trading.

Steps to profiting from Cryptocurrency.

  1. Buy some Bitcoin and put it into your wallet. ( eg. coinmama and blockchain )
  2. Invest in Bitcoin trading.
  3. Invest in a Cryptocurrency business.
  4. Educate yourself on how to compound your funds.
  5. Help others and share your success strategies online.

You can profit from Cryptocurrency by finding an existing expert or mentor and let them do the work for you until you become an expert. Start off with Passive Investment in Cryptocurrency. Then learn and become involved in a Cryptocurrency business.   Then begin to teach others and become a leader for additional profits.

Making a Business out of Cryptocurrency.
Best way to make a business out of Cryptocurrency is tofind a good product and Promote and market that as  an Affiliate to receive commissions. For those who have not had much experience with that it means simply setting up a high converting funnel and sending traffic to it.
To learn how to convert leads into sales and setup a high converting funnel Click HERE.

 Can you see yourself making a living out of Cryptocurrency yet?

The potential is huge and being digital you don’t have to have a shop, pay staff, do any shipping or work 9 to 5. Once you set things up on autopilot, you can travel anywhere in the world and it can keep on working for you 24/7 even while you are sleeping.

There are many Cryptocurrency businesses available.

-Trading ( eg Crypt trade Capital or Questra )
– Mining share  ( eg Bit Club Network )
– Advertising. ( eg  100 Dollar Monster )
– Education ( Crypto1Up )

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The main advantage of the businesses model is that you can leverage your time and money and maximize your profits in a short period of time. [ see the diagram here cash flow quadrants] What would you do with an additional $1000 per month? What about $2000, $5000 or even $10,000 extra per month?  What would that allow you to do?

–  Go Travelling,
– Have a  Holliday,
– Pay off your House,
–  Help your family,
– Buy a New Car,
– Help a church or Charity,
– Retire early,
– Lifestyle Freedom. It can happen for you as it is happening for many others right now.

Steps to setting up a Cryptocurrency business on autopilot.

– Buy your Bitcoin and fund your wallet.
– Setup an online shop and stock it with 2 to 3 low and high Cryptocurrency businesses.
– Setup a sales funnel to drive traffic to your shop.
– Share and Advertise on social media and use other strategies that suit your interest.
– Collect your profits in Cryptocurrency. Withdraw 30% and put into your bank account. Re-invest 50% back into trading and let the remainder 20% fund your business ads and fees.

In summary

Change your life and change your Finances. Cryptocurrency has the power to change your life for the better in so many areas. You can break free and achieve financial freedom with an investment of as little as $50.00 to $5,000 depending on the speed you want to be free. Within 12 months to two years you can live your Ideal Dream life.

All you need to do is understand the four money quadrants and choose to setup the intention and desire to shift to the investment and business quadrants and maximize the use of leverage and compound your resources.

In Nature there is no lack or limitation. In the world around you there is no lack of money. All you have chosen to do so far is follow the wrong plan and have the wrong beliefs. The Key is to hang around people that are already wealthy and living the way you Dream. Change your thoughts, change your Beliefs and watch a Miracle happen.

How to change your situation immediately?

  1. Do an Inventory. Work out all the things you want to Be, to Do or to Have.
  2. Identify and remove your limiting beliefs. Understand the power of Quantum physics and Personal development.
  3. Set an intention of your ideal situation. Change your Thoughts and the Words you say to positive believing ones.
  4. Follow a simple plan of action by becoming involved with a Mentor and join a Cryptocurrency Group
  5. Take massive action daily to make your dream come true.

If you would like to start collecting your own Cryptocurrency or begin to profit from using Cryptocurrency, then head on over to our website and shop here and check out our many options.



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