Why is Your Online Business Failing?


Fix Online Business Problems Now!

Why is your online business not working very well? Find out How to Succeed at Online Business.

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Why Do So Many People Fail at Online Business? Here are the 7 Key Problems facing most people building a business online? Online Business Success is all about understanding how to Solve People’s problems and Connect with them.
Part 1 of 2 in the series of fixing your Business. Identify the Problem and then Work on a System to change your Problem.

Problem locator to Help make Your Business a Success
Check through each key Area and Ask yourself, “Do I have these things in Place with my Online Business?”
If not then this might be one of the main Reasons you are having problems with your business.

Not Branding Self :-
– No Fan Page
– No Social Media Posting
– No Business Logo
– Not providing Niche Solutions

Wrong  Product :-
– Not consumable or No Subscription service.
– No Tiered product Price Range
– No Tripwire low priced entry level product
– No Top Tier priced product
– Product not solving targeted Niche Problem

No Sales Funnel :-
– Sales Funnel has no Capture Page.
– No Shop for multiple products giving more Sales
– Sales Funnel not setup properly
– Funnel doesn’t Convert.
– Funnel feeds to Company or Product not Email List first
– No Technical Skills


Not Marketing the Right Way :-
– Not Posting enough and on a Regular basis to Social Media
– Wrong Marketing style for your Personality Type
– Not using Attraction Marketing
– Not Finding Problems and then Solution orientated
– Not Asking enough People to View Presentation
– Not Showing the Presentation to the right people
– Not Knowing what Marketing to use, Paid or Free
– Not Blogging enough
– Not knowing how to Connect to People and Build Relationships

No Followup :-
– Not following up People contacted already
– Not following up Email List
– Not Tracking what saying to your contacted People
– Not making follow up a Daily Routine
– Not continuing to follow up at least 5 to 12 times


No Training :-
– Not Knowing what to Teach people
– Not Showing people a Simple System to Follow
– Not doing Webinars regularly
– Not Working with people 1 on1 and using 3-Way calls

No Duplication :-
– No Tools for New People to use
– No Simple System for people to Copy
– No Routine for people to Follow to get Results
– New people don’t Know where to Start

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My Name is Colin Stasinowsky I struggled for much of my earlier time online until I found that it was all about helping other people solve their Problems not pitching and selling my Product. I now specialize in helping people Covert Leads into Sales and build High Converting Sales Funnels. If you would like a Mentor to help you deal with many of the common struggles that people face online from happening, then contact me for some ideas. I have figured out some simple step by step Recipes that People can follow to get Amazing results.

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