5 Building Blocks that Once Assembled will Allow You to Make Money Online!

Open your Online Shop the right way and set it up so you can sell any product you want to and Make consistent Monthly Income. All you need in place is a High converting Sales Funnel. We give you all the building blocks you need to construct a Sales Funnel of your choice.

As Traffic ( Customers ) come to your Funnel ( Shop ), a certain percentage will see value and a way to solve their Problems. They will look at your offer, see value and buy from you. Once you get the formula right, all you need to do is scale up to the affordability and Income level you desire.

In our Five-step Recipe to success Page Here,
we mentioned you need to take these five steps in order to be successful in your life.


  1. Change your thinking and your Limiting beliefs.
  2. Get Leverage. Make money work Harder than you do.
  3. Best leverage is to have an Online home business.
  4. Build multiple businesses for long-term Security.
  5. Share and promote your business for Maximum income.

The best way to improve your lifestyle and get Leverage with your time and money to give you the freedom you dream about, is to start a simple online home business.

What I want to share with you here are the 6 Business Building blocks and the 5 Sales Funnel Blocks you need to put in place with my help, to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

So what we are doing is finding people with a problem, helping them identify exactly what their problem is and offering them a solution from our product range.

So an online home business is simply setting up products and services in a virtual shop, finding people with problems, marketing to them (spreading the word), offering our solution and selling them.

Most people with an online business are making no money because they are pushing their business onto people all over the place in what we call spamming. They haven’t found the right people for their product or service, they haven’t built a relationship with them, they haven’t found out if they have a problem or not and they haven’t asked them to check out their solution. They just hope and pray that some one will see their advert and take action. This will work a little if you do huge numbers and pay a fortune in advertising.

Let me show you the right way to making money online and getting the results you want.

1. – Five Building Blocks you need in place in order for you to build an online business.


Business Block 1 – Website/Blog


You need to buy a domain name from a company like and a hosting package and then you install WordPress blog onto your site and then you have the website available to use to promote You Inc. ( Your Brand )
( See my Page to help you install WordPress Here )The Free alternatives are you can use a Facebook fan page or build a free website on or but you’re not branding yourself very well. They are cheap for starters and will work.

Business Block 2 – Capture Page or Squeeze Page



It is used to capture a potential customers email address with a view to building a relationship with them, marketing to them and asking them to buy your product now and future products. An Email list is crucial to your ongoing success with your business. Do it right, from day one and it will make you a fortune in the future.

You can use a Google docs Form plus Google docs spreadsheet as your Capture page and Auto-Responder in place of the block 2 and 3 combination for free if want.

Business Block 3 – An Auto-Responder


It is a program that collects your email address from your capture page and automatically sends subscribers a series of messages over a period of time. It also allows you to send mass broadcast messages to your list at any time preferably 3 to 7 times per week.

Business Block 4 – Sales and Thank you pages.



Your presentation or product display is critical to people making buying decisions from you. People want to see what you have and whether it will solve any of their problems.

Your thank you page of course is for when people optin and purchase your product.

Business Block 5. Traffic- a Marketing Method.



This is a way to promote and share your story and product. You need a method that is aligned to your personality type. A marketing method that you feel comfortable with. Free or time marketing is usually done one on one with friends and family, messaging people on Facebook, writing blogs posts and eZine articles and attracting people to you.

Paid marketing is done using Facebook paper click PPC, Pay-per-view PPV, Cost price advertising CPA, Solo ads, Video marketing, Banner advertising, Co-operative advertising, Advertising rotators and more.

2. – Put Your Building Blocks in Order.

Once we have these building blocks in place, we need to arrange them in some sort of order.
Then we need to find some products in the niche we like and feel comfortable with and put them into our shop and market them.
You can get product ideas by going to ( Ali ) or or pick one of my suggestions as we go through the Funnel Building process.We arrange these 5 building blocks into what we call a “Sales Funnel” and add the products and services we feel comfortable in doing marketing. Our sales funnel leads people through each offer, upselling them along the way into each solution or offer after they say yes or no to the previous one.

3. – Build Your Sales Funnel using these Building Blocks.

Sales funnels take a little while to learn how to build and make them high converting. A simple product that can be used to build great Sales funnel like I have explained above, is called Click Funnels. It requires no skill or coding experience. Simply drag and drop and type in your text and you can build a complete sales funnel in a short period of time.

So even before I get people building a sales funnel and training them, I help people with getting some sort of online results.

The best way to do this is by starting a revenue sharing business. These are low priced businesses where you get paid to watch ten adverts per day, repurchasing revenue shares and using them to advertise your main business if you want to. Also you get a share of anyone you refer as well. No Referrals needed to make money. People start getting results within 72 hours and they re-invest the growth back into buying more shares to get that compounding effect.

Here are two suggested Revenue Sharing Companies listed Below :- Just a word of warning. I would not rely on them as being a long term income source or your main business. Choose wisely as many of them go bust within two years. They also take 12 to 18 months of re-investing to make big money like $10,000 / month. ( See disclaimer below )

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Funnel Building Block 1. – free e-Book.



This is a product that is used to capture and collect email addresses. We ask people for their email address and in exchange give them our free e-book.

You can get many free e-Books on the Internet but be aware that sometimes there are links and other people’s branding at the back of the book so be careful. It is best that you create your Own.
It is simple to do. Write any “How to…. document and print to pdf and up load it to your website. You will then get a Link you can add to your auto-Responder thank you page.

Funnel Building Block 2. – An auto-Responder.



We set up 6 to 15 pre-written messages that can work on autopilot and make the initial introduction and building relationships phase of our connecting with them. The first three are sent out on the the day subscriber joins us and the next two days and the rest are sent out at two day intervals.

The auto responder is key to building your business. We send out regular broadcast messages to keep building the relationship with people, preferably every day but at least 1 to 2 per week. – Learn More Here

Funnel Building Block 3. – A low priced product around $49 to $497.



This is used to solve problems for people.

This gets your cash flow going. The whole idea of a low priced starting offer is to generate cash flow to pay for our advertising and make that self-funding. Then we can scale up and make more profits.

We are looking at the big picture here with up selling to our high priced offer or product and building our main asset our Email list. Most sales will come from the follow up and sometime down the track when people get to now Like and Trust you.

We can add into our funnel what we call a Tripwire offer if you like. This is a $7 to $49 product that is added before our low priced product to get people in the habit of buying from us first. Always make sure it is of really high value so people enjoy the information they get and it is worth the value. – Learn More Here.

Funnel Building Block 4. – A high ticket high priced product $497 t0 $4997+.



This is our bread and butter main lifestyle Product and Business that produces large income around $1000-$10,000 per sale and ideally has some subscriber residual income built into it as well.

These sales often don’t require much more effort to what is already happening in your sales funnel. These sales often happen automatically as a result of being in your funnel already. The marketing method is similar to the low-priced offers in that that you are looking to solve problems. – Learn More Here.

Funnel Building Block 5. – A Lead and Traffic generation product.


It is best if we can find a product that pays us while we place our advertising. This by no means takes us away from other advertising or provides all our traffic needs. This kind of traffic generated in a business like this can be a lower quality compare to say targeted Facebook Pay per click advertising. – Learn More Here.

In summary once you build your sales funnel and then drive traffic through it , you cannot help but make money.

The law of averages says that a certain percentage will buy from you every time that Ad runs. All you need to do then is scale up from here to make money.

If you want to learn how to build a sales funnel in more details or want one on one coaching with me please contact me via email or Skype – lifestyle_col and we will arrange an appointment or fill in this form on my website