Make Your Own Quotes


How to Create Your Own Social Quotes!

Ever wanted to know how to Quickly create a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
Quotes Picture to Post. Well here are the simple steps I use to do just that.


1. The first thing is you need to find a Quote you want to use. You can google that to find one like say “Personal Development Quotes.”
Get the words and Type them somewhere or write them down and most Importantly also note the author of that quote. We have to give credit where credit is due.

2. The second thing is you need to come up with a Background Image that expresses that quote for you. Go into Google Images and search for the background picture you want to use. We need to make your there is no copyright attached to that image. So on google click on the “Search Tools” menu. Then select “Usage rights” menu and choose “Labeled for reuse.” Double click on the Image to open and make it full size. Right mouse click and save Image as” and change to name and place you want it to be.



3. Now Open ‘Microsoft Publisher” ( which is what I use ) or ‘MS Powerpoint’ or in Mac or Linux use “Impress” in free Open Office.
Insert your Image. Select Text Box and overlay Image. Select the Font you want like “Segoe Print” font and type in your quote words.
Make sure you get the contrast right so you can read the words. Keep background of text box transparent if possible but change Word colour or position so they are easy to read.
Add your own small copyright name or symbol in the corner.

4. Make sure all your borders and guides are hidden from the view menu. Make sure your Image is at 100% to 120% in display and now we use a screen capture Program to make the Image file either a jpeg or png file type.
You can use Shift + Prt Scrn on Windows or Command + Shift + 4 on a Mac but then you need to edit the Image. Better still is to use a Screen capture Program like I use ” Free Fastone Capture” in windows.
Your Image can be resized for Facebook Timeline of 472 x 394px or Pinterest 736 x 490px or Instagram 1080 x 1080px using this post example with MS Paint Here.
Never size Image greater than original size or you will make it blurry.


Now you can go post your new Graphic to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest walls.

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