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Facebook is not a Business pitch fest. This will fail everytime. Social and Networking is key. Be Social and be friends.  It is based on Building relationships.
People join people not Business Opportunities. Use Magnetic Sponsoring principles to build Your Business and you will find building your Business is much easier and more enjoyable.   If you promote a Business and the company fails ur done unless you Brand yourself.
Brand yourself really well.  How does Fraser Sponsor 50 – 100 per month?
Why because of value he gives
1. Profile Setup – Optimization Cover Photo friends and Profile picture of You. people want to see you
Profile needs to convey is Leadership, Fun, Energy, Events ( Habits 05:37 )
To Sponsor people on Facebook you obviously need to talk to people.
Make new Connections, Make friends, give value, sign people up = The Formula
More people talk to the more value you give the more people will join ur business.
Everything that you sell can work with this concept. people will by into whatever you have to work with you.
People want to work with people not the Business. The Business is just the vehicle to get them to achieve what ever they are looking for. The Actual work to get them to that point will come from a mentor. You want to become a mentor, not Sponsor or Upline.
Who do you want to work with? Own age? When search do for own age. Type for example in Search bar. ( Make sure country code is set to US English to get Graph search working.) “People who like network Marketing who live in New York ” graph search has all changed. Type in people who like tony robbins who live in new york. Click on People menu. People who like internet marketing. Most people working offline want to bring there business online.
“people who work at amway who live in New york.” What do you say.  Speak to people like you do in real life. If you just met them if they say something to you what would you do? Say what comes naturally to you or would you walk away and plan out the best method or possible response? Obviously say what comes naturally.
What I would say to build a connection.  Type “Hey Wesley, whats going on man? just reaching out looking to connect with new entrepreneurs. Am I right in thinking you’re involved in Amway?” Let it come naturally. Send a few messages.copy paste the same message to a few people. This where magic begins. Ideally message around a 100 per day. 1. 100 in about an hour not in 10 minutes or fb will shut you down. 2. Or 20 an hour or 10 people per hour every single day. 15 to 20 minutes. Go after target market. people you would like to Work with. If you are in your 50’s or 60’s you might be better working your own age. Share stories conversation flows better.
when get response. Spend 15 to 20 minutes getting to know the person. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours talking to people on facebook. That is the mistake people make. The result of people joining you is not going to come from people talking to you or what you say to them in the message. It comes from what you post. Sales don’t come from the chat but from the post. This what people act on to join your business. ( why Instagram and Pinterest work so well ) people want to work with you because it is someone who genuinely cares. Your giving people so much value and for free.
When you type in people it will give you there friends as well. You can type in “Friends of my friends who like….” or “people who are not my friends who work at …” You can target people in companies or target people who like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn. Target products or anything.
When people respond to you just have a conversation. There is no script or no magic sentence. just talk to people and make a friend. Forget about Business. Be social. Sales will come from what you post.
Value side of things. rest of relationship comes from what you post. Ideally you should be doing videos. People get to hear you get to see you. When it comes from videos it is you can’t fake that. best way to get responses is videos.
With Posting what should you post about? ( 20:21 )
Value – Giving FREE advice tips to people without expecting anything in return. Thought process when getting inside of peoples minds on facebook is ‘If giving this much value for free, Imagine what he will give if I join his business.” How can he give so much. results in “What is your link.” Everything learning post it back out again. Tell people what you are doing. Take what leaders giving and turn into own work and post that. Take value post of leader turn it into your work and post to your facebook. Don’t share posts that is pointless. Make sure you are the one that is giving value.
If your posts don’t benefit other people do not post it. Every single post must benefit people and make them feel better. Inspirational posts every couple of days as these are best along with Value and Lifestyle every other day. Don’t expect results. I want to help you get results as far too many people struggle with facebook. If apply this strategy I can guarantee you results if you do this daily, every single day. Weldon long quote ” You can’t do things on a consistent basis and accidentally achieve the wrong results.” If for example you want to lose weight and you do all the right things like eat properly and exercise, you WILL lose weight. It works like that. If do the right thing every single day you must get the right results. You can’t make connections each day and you can’t give so much value and not sign someone up. If do the right thing consistently you will get the right results.
This is not complicated. This works.
– Set up your profile right, make connections and give value.
– Daily Action Plan for you :-
– Setup Profile with Personal Pictures.
make New Connections 100 per day Minimum ( get 20 to 30 Responsive ) Won’t happen over night.
Start Giving Value.
It is easy. Simplest thing available. Consistency is the area most people fail at. Genuinely interested in helping people.