For most people it is hard to understand how it is possible to Earn some Money Online, let alone make a living using the internet.
When you understand there are just a few building blocks required to be put together for it all to Make you lots of Money.

These are the Basics for getting any Online Business Successfully working.

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Essentially like any other Business we Open a Shop ( Our Website ), We fill our shop with Products ( Offers, training, Masterminds and Products ) and we Sell a Solution to People’s Problems.

In Order to setup a Business Online fully You need these 6 Components. ( It is possible to start a business with nothing more than a Google Contact Form and maybe a Facebook Fan page )

1. Your Shop – WordPress Website, Domain Name and Hosting
2. Shop Entrance – FREE Offer in exchange for their Email Address.
3. Front Door Welcome – Capture Page, Autoresponder and Contact Address Processing.
4. Product, Todays Special – Low Priced Entry Level Business, Pays for Advertising Costs.
5. Product Expensive Ones – Main business and Income Source giving Freedom and Lifestyle Income.
6. Customers – Traffic and Lead Generation and Marketing
Like with any business there are many Risks and the key is not to have all your eggs in the one Basket. We work smart so we setup multiple Businesses with multiple Income streams one by one and master each one as we go onto the next one, so we don’t get information overload.
The way we link our Businesses together is in what we call a Sales Funnel.
Each one of our 6 key Building Blocks can become a Business in it’s own right if you want. The Funnel provides us with Multiple Income streams for long term security.
If any Affiliate Business fails you can replace it with another one so you don’t lose all that work you’ve done and all that Income you are making.
Here is the Funnel I use and you can customise it to add in your Own businesses if you like HERE.
We Teach you here how to set up an Online Business Funnel in 6 Simple Steps.
To Build Your Ideal Funnel you need these Pages Designed :-
( Use Get Response, Lead Pages or I prefer Click Funnels if I don’t design them myself. )
1. Capture Page. ( Collect Prospects Contact details for Relationship Building and Future Marketing)
2. Sales Page or Affiliate Presentation or Video Page. (Share your Presentation and Offer and Sell your Product)
3. Thank you Page and Already Subscribed Page. ( Confirm the sale and Appreciate their Decision and Action )Funnel Code is Coming Soon to help you with building a Similar page to this one.I hope this gives you some Idea of the Best way to Build a Successful Business Online.
Also You need Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at the bottom of each page.