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Introduction :- Any Online Business needs various building Blocks in place before you can sell any Business, Products or Service and make Money.You need a Shop First or Website with your Products displayed, Open for Business.So the first Building block that needs to be setup is a Web Presence of some kind to Share with people your Business and Product.The First way which is the Quickest and Cheapest way to get a Web presence in place is to create a Fan or Business page on facebook. You can do all the things of a professional website here but in simple form and layout. You can share your Business and Product Information separate to your Personal page and not get banned by facebook.Then you can Open a gmail account and set up a simple Auto-Responder for FREE linked to your Email address and have it record through Google Docs all your new subscriber details. A setting can be made where it notifies you of any new subscriber and sends them your eBook or Lead Magnet offer that you give them for opting into your form. They then get a link to your Business or Product for the Sale.See How To set up a FREE Google Docs Auto-Responder in detail HERE soon.

The Second and more Professional way to setup your first Building block is to purchase a Domain Name, a Hosting package and then install WordPress as a Blog or Content on your site as starters.

There are different types of layouts that people often do. Blog site using wordpress is the simplest with a Header, left hand article column and a small advert and Information Side bar on the right. The next level you can go to is a Static Home page which brands yourself and your Business with additional Information pages and then your Blog at the end.

WordPress only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to Install. See my How To Notes  HERE.
The Design and layout of your site can be changed very quickly by changing to a new Theme in the settings.

Once you have your website constructed, which does take some time to do properly by yourself if you have those skills, then you  need to go and set up Your Auto-Responder Campaign to capture all your subscribers info and set the automatic settings to redirect them to your Sales or Business page. Then your Auto-Responder messages need to be setup for a period of 6 to 30 days. These messages are designed to Build relationships with your new subscribers, give then great helpful content and move them to a sale and then request a call to action at the end. Auto-Responders are often available through your Hosting provider like mine. Companies like GVO Pure LeverageAWeber, or MailChimp are the best professional ones.

To help Build your Website if you don’t have the building skills you can find good outsourcing people with these companies if necessary. UpWork formely Odesk and eLance, Freelancer or Fiverr

To Find a Hosting Company and all the online tools including an Auto Responder, then check out this Simple 3 Step process for setting up your site and also joining an Affiliate Business to profit from while you build your site, more  HERE.

Website Building Block Information:-

Business Type : Website Domain Names, Hosting Packages, Auto-Responders, Digital Products and Online Tools.

Business Model : Affiliate Marketing

Commission Amount: It Pays 100% commission on its Marketing Plan.

Investment Amount Initial : $1 trial for 7 Days
Investment Amount Ongoing : $24.95 to $97 / Mth + $19.95 / Month Affiliate Reseller rights.

Benefits to You:
– Easy Step by Step Videos to Help Setup.
– Complete Website package and all the Business Tools you need.
– Simple Facebook Instant Income Business to duplicate.
– Webinars and Professional support to help you Build an Online Business.
– Professional grade customizable Auto-responder to use on any Business or Campaigns.
– My Business Coaching, Support, three year Experience and Assistance.

To Use this Building Block in your Business Click HERE.

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