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BUILDING BLOCK No.2 – Free Offer or Lead Magnet

Introduction :  Lead Magnets or Free Offers are the things we offer to Shoppers or Website visitors to entice them to leave their contact details like Name and Email address.

The two main reasons we want people to leave their details at our Capture or Squeeze page is Firstly to build a Relationship with them and find out if they have a need or not that we can help them with. Secondly we want to Market and Sell them a Product or Service that provides a Solution for them.

 Your Email list is a very valuable Asset and should be your number one Goal even before any Sale or Business deal is done. No matter what product you have or what happens to any Business you are associated with, if something goes wrong, you always have your list which you can market to over and over again.
It is very critical you get your Capture or Squeeze page setup well. The content or wording is so important to convert any Emotional feeling into a Response. Creating Attention getting Headlines with great Pictures or a Video to the left of the Personal Information Detail Form and the Call to Action Button and adding a Dot Point Benefits list while appealing to Curiosity and a sense of Missing out, is critical to People wanting to Optin to your page.
Using online sites like Wix or Weebly to build your pages is helpful to new and unskilled people. More professional looking pages using paid companies like Online Sales ProClick Funnels or Lead Pages makes the job very easy as well as getting excellent looking results. The only problem with using these sites is you are promoting their websites in Google rankings not yours.My Capture page Code can be found HERE soon for those of you who have the skill and interest in building their own customizable pages and adding in their Auto-Responder form code.
Website Building Block Information:-
Business Type : Not Applicable here.
Business Model : Not Applicable here.
Commission Amount: NoneInvestment Amount Initial : FREE
Investment Amount Ongoing : NoneBenefits to You:
– Builds your most Valuable Asset your List.
– Compels people to Emotionally Optin
– Gets people curious about the possibility of solving their Problems.
– Motivates people into maybe missing out if they don’t Optin now.
– Uses the Law of Reciprocation in Giving first and they will give their Info in return.
– Gives them valuable content which can help them get started in solving a Problem.

To Use this Building Block in your Business find a Free eBook you can give away or some Bonus or create your own and add it to your Auto-Responder capture page reply form.

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