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BUILDING BLOCK No. 4 – Traffic and Lead Generation for Your Business.

Introduction :- Once you have your Shop open or website setup stocked with products, you now need customers. You now have to Advertise and get traffic to your website in order to make sales.
You either get Organic , Home grown self generated traffic such as SEO Google ranked and get web searches that find your site or you get In-organic through Free or Paid advertising. To learn more about Advertising visit my Marketing page HERE.

Free Traffic is usually generated from blogging regularly, posting your great content on Social Media or Messaging people direct and making friends. By building Relationships you find out what problems people have and how you can help solve. Also using sites like Instagram and Pinterest to share your Adverts works extremely well.

Paid traffic usually generates faster results but is not qualified as much and you are lucky to get 10% optin rates into your list. Good paid sources of traffic come from Facebook PPC, Video Marketing, Solo Ads and Banner Ads.

The key to getting great Traffic is offering people amazing practical information and helpful strategies on how to do things on a regular basis. When people Know Like and Trust you they will join you in your program and buy your products.

Another way of getting advert views is to pay people to watch your advert and collect rewards yourself for looking at their advert. Having a Traffic business is just one more way of effectively getting people in front of your offer.

To Learn more about this powerful way to make some extra money and get views on your advert click HERE.

Website Building Block Information:-

Business Type : Website Domain Names, Hosting Packages, Auto-Responders, Digital Products and Online Tools.

Business Model : Advert Investing

Commission Amount: It Pays 120% Return on Investments.

Investment Amount Initial : Free to Join. $24.99 Administration
Investment Amount Ongoing : $49.99 credit packs till reach $60 Return on Investment and then re-invest.

Benefits to You:
– 400 Views on each Credit Pack Purchased.
– Paid .
– frewrwe.
– Webinars and Professional support to help you Build an Online Business.
– Professional grade customizable Auto-responder to use on any Business or Campaigns.
– My Business Coaching, Support, three year Experience and Assistance.

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