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BUILDING BLOCK No.5 –  Training and Education

Introduction :- Once you get a list of subscribers and customers you need to followup and look after them providing great helpful content and excellent training. People want to know what to do next and how to go about things.

Learning how to generate traffic, converting to sales and following up effectively is something that is best learnt from the masters of the industry. What is even better is generating Traffic while you learn what to do and getting a little reward for helping others.

Everyone wins when we share our strategies and methods for getting results. This Suite of Training and Tools can be used to help people build their brand and bring in new customers using attracting marketing techniques, lead generation funnels, facebook marketing and traffic generation training.

Weekly training through Webinars from 6 and 7 figure Earners makes this a must have block.

Learn the art of Internet Marketing so you can  promote this program. Because without traffic your new Website and Marketing funnel … nothing happens. Without traffic you get no leads. Without leads you earn no money all sign are one up??? Leads are the name of the game and traffic is necessary to start the lead flow.

This building block is used by all online marketers and veterans to start their careers.

Website Building Block Information:-

Business Type : Website Domain Names, Hosting Packages, Auto-Responders, Digital Products and Online Tools.

Business Model : Affiliate Marketing

Commission Amount: It Pays 100% commission on its Marketing Plan.

Investment Amount Initial : $1 trial for 7 Days
Investment Amount Ongoing : $24.95 to $97 / Mth + $19.95 / Month Affiliate Reseller rights.

Benefits to You:
– Easy Step by Step Videos to Help Setup.
– Complete Website package and all the Business Tools you need.
– Simple Facebook Instant Income Business to duplicate.
– Webinars and Professional support to help you Build an Online Business.
– Professional grade customizable Auto-responder to use on any Business or Campaigns.
– My Business Coaching, Support, three year Experience and Assistance.

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