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BUILDING BLOCK No.6 – Main High Ticket Business.

Introduction :- Most online business people end up promoting one main business and often gravitate to selling a High Ticket Product eventually. The reason is that it takes very little extra effort to market and promote a high ticket product over a low to medium product. You still require the same principles and skills.

Generating 10 t o20 times the Income has many advantages as you don’t require so many leads. If you find the right qualified people and help them out you will get the numbers working for you and you will make sales.

How would you like tio have all the follow up and sales done byu a professional team working behindthe scenes? All you need to do is drive traffic to your training program and live events and the  rest is done for you. Amazing idea from an amazing company growing around teh world. Attend and Market High Ticket exotic location masterminds as well where industry leaders are brought in to share their expertise and strategies wit hyou. Learning from the best so you can be the best is what you do.

Your main business is fed from leads generated by your lead magnet and traffic flow blocks.

They all work together helping people generate consistent once only and ongoing sales every week.

If you want to step up your small commissions business to the big league then this block is a must  for you. Look at finding a High Ticket Business to add to your funnel and watch your Lifestyle Sky Rocket.

Website Building Block Information:-

Business Type : Website Domain Names, Hosting Packages, Auto-Responders, Digital Products and Online Tools.

Business Model : Affiliate Marketing

Commission Amount: It Pays 100% commission on its Marketing Plan.

Investment Amount Initial : $1 trial for 7 Days
Investment Amount Ongoing : $24.95 to $97 / Mth + $19.95 / Month Affiliate Reseller rights.

Benefits to You:
– Easy Step by Step Videos to Help Setup.
– Complete Website package and all the Business Tools you need.
– Simple Facebook Instant Income Business to duplicate.
– Webinars and Professional support to help you Build an Online Business.
– Professional grade customizable Auto-responder to use on any Business or Campaigns.
– My Business Coaching, Support, three year Experience and Assistance.

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