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BUILDING BLOCK No.7 – Residual Income Business

Introduction :- It is not all about the Money when building an ionline business. getting things in balance is so important as well. Not only do you want Once off sales but ongoing residual Income is very important as well

So much of Affiliate Marketing is about single sales with many lacking residual Incomes in their compensation plans.

A good way to balance is to add a Network Marketing Company which has it’s sstrength in long term residual Income building.

Along with Money and Wealth comes balance of Health in our life. So if you can add a health and Wellness network Marketing company you have the best of both worlds in your Business portfolio

The hottest Healt harea at present is because of the Baby Boomers is the Anti-Agfing and Youth Extension areas that so many people are chasing and looking to solve these problems.

So a huge potential exists for a business in this area and make great business sense tio have as well as existing Wit hteh right training and a simple duplicating system for new people to follow makes this building block work for everyone on a consistent basis. Sop many people are getting huge growth as healt hansd Welness spirals around the world changing lives and giving people the kind of Freedom they only Dream about.

Make good friends as you build your team with us and enjoy the great experiences around the world at liev events. Want to see your Income keep increasing each month and see it grow from others peoples efforts as well, then this block is a must to add and get theat balance and freedom in your Life

Website Building Block Information:-

Business Type : Website Domain Names, Hosting Packages, Auto-Responders, Digital Products and Online Tools.

Business Model :  Network Marketing

Commission Amount: It Pays 100% commission on its Marketing Plan.

Investment Amount Initial : $1 trial for 7 Days
Investment Amount Ongoing : $24.95 to $97 / Mth + $19.95 / Month Affiliate Reseller rights.

Benefits to You:
– Easy Step by Step Videos to Help Setup.
– Complete Website package and all the Business Tools you need.
– Simple Facebook Instant Income Business to duplicate.
– Webinars and Professional support to help you Build an Online Business.
– Professional grade customizable Auto-responder to use on any Business or Campaigns.
– My Business Coaching, Support, three year Experience and Assistance.

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