Why People have little Online Business Success!


How to Build Online Business Success!

Have You ever Wanted to Know How to Build an Online Business Properly and Have more Success? Online Business Success is all about understanding what the Aim of selling anything Online is all about.

I finally Got it Now!
I now know why I failed for Two Years!

There is a simple formula for Making Money Online and Getting Leads and Sales.

Here is a Simple 3 Step Formula for all Success.

  1. You Can’t Make any Money unless You Make a Sale.
  2. You can’t Make a Sale unless People get a Problem Solved.
  3. You can’t Solve Peoples Problems unless you find out what Problem they have and they begin to Know Like and Trust You. It is all about Relationships and Systems.

In a nutshell you must give before you receive. You must find a Problem to Solve and offer a Solution before you will make any money.

There are only two ways to find problems to solve, either you talk to people one on one or you attract people to you by sharing solutions of known problems they often have.

On the one hand you can talk to people one on one face to face, or on facebook or Skype etc., make friends and engage often with them. Then you can ask them questions and find out what their problems are and ask them if they would like to learn more or have you help them.

On the other hand, which most online marketers fail to understand is you find the questions people are searching for answers in Google and Youtube using ‘Google Keyword Search Tool’ and then you make videos, presentations or write articles giving solutions to these questions. You then Search Engine Optimize ( SEO ) your information and advertise so these people can find your Information and Solutions.

Here is the Simple 3 Step Formula for Building Your Online Business Successfully.
1. Build an Audience
2. Engage with Your Audience and Build a Relationship.
3. Sell to Your Audience. Promote your Offer.

All you need then is a good high converting Sales Funnel with a Capture Page, an Email Auto-responder for follow up and you will make Sales and Improve your Lifestyle.

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My Name is Colin Stasinowsky I struggled for much of my earlier time online until I found that it was all about helping other people solve their Problems not pitching and selling my Product. I now specialize in helping people Covert Leads into Sales and build High Converting Sales Funnels. If you would like a Mentor to help you deal with many of the common struggles that people face online from happening, then contact me for some ideas. I have figured out some simple step by step Recipes that People can follow to get Amazing results.

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