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Marketing failure …. Solved.
Get better results when you match up the right marketing method with your personality type.

The one thing I noticed when I first started Marketing Online, was how many people were failing in their business.  On closer inspection of what the problem was I found most people were struggling to get leads and traffic.  Their mentors and gurus had suggested a particular marketing method would work best.  It worked for them but they did not understand everyone is different.  It did not work for these new people though, why?  They felt completely uncomfortable doing the style of marketing suggested.

The problem is that many people are being forced to participate in a strategy that they have little skill in or would learn to do very well anyway.  I learned when I trained as a computer engineer that there were engineers and there were people who claimed to be engineers.  I called the engineers who had a natural talent like myself real engineers and the others technicians.  Whilst the technicians could do the basic work well but they could not think outside the box.  They had little idea of minute details or how to solve problems easily.  Later in life I learned that there were three main personality types, visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

What I found were people attempting to do one particular marketing strategy that did not match their personality type and they wondered why they got little results.  Their vibration energy level was slow and hence they attracted little results.  So they were doomed to failure just because their mentor suggested to do this method which had worked for them. Their mentor gravitated to one type of marketing style and had no idea why they preferred that style.  It turns out their mentors personality type matched exactly the strategy that they had chosen and that is why they got such good results.

Once people aligned the right strategy to their personality type their natural talent and creativity took over an amazing results started to happen.  People felt much better and the strategy fed off itself with more and more good results.

Once I help people get on purpose it all changed for them and the magic started to really occur.  People started to attracting the right people into their business and sales naturally occurred in their Sales Funnel.

Find your personality type Here and match the right strategy..


Why does the one strategy not work for everyone?

Problem is everyone is made different with different skills and talents.  The mentors and gurus found a marketing method that was good for them and mastered it.  They had no idea why they chose one method over another except that they had a high desire to do it.  Being an engineer and highly visual, talking to people was not my strength.  I was task orientated and graphics or pictures was my natural match.  So marketing strategies like Instagram were better for me to master.  Once we got people on purpose for the marketing method suited to them, results happened automatically after a bit of work.  Like all methods you have to sow the seeds, ( run promotions for 3 – 6 Months ) to get the momentum going and reaching the right people with problems you can solve.

Personality types

Once I understood they were three main personality types and even more if you refine the categories. ( Myer Briggs Personality test ) it all made sense why I was failing in many areas of promotion and marketing.  During videos people could read my body language that I was uncomfortable and not sincere.  The three main person of the types are:-


  1. Visual – logic, analytical and picture orientated. Introverts.
  2. Auditory – Talkers and Partying. Extroverts.
  3. Kinesthetic – Caring, Feeling and Family orientated.


Take the short time to learn your personality type right here and read below for the best marketing method to suit you.  Pick one strategy and muster it before you attempt to do anything else.  Learn more training here. Wealth Dynamics – Professional test. Free Myer Briggs

Marketing solution for your personality type

When you match up your natural skills with the right marketing strategy magic happens.  Your energy level rises and you begin attracting the right kind of person to you.  This cycle perpetuates itself when you are on purpose helping people solve their problems.

These are the best marketing strategies in summary, for each personality type.
Visual – Pinterest, Blogging, Solo Ads and Email Marketing.
Auditory – Instagram, Facebook Messaging, Video Marketing, Skype and Webinars.
Kinesthetic – Facebook Messaging, Facebook Groups and Group Webinars.

Choose one that strategy that interest you and begin to practice with it and master it.  To learn how to do your strategy go Here for some of the best training on the Internet.

Feed your leads and traffic into a high converting sales funnel and you can’t help but be successful.  Then build your audience from these leads and offer them more value and you will achieve amazing results with ongoing sales.

Learn how to do your marketing strategy properly.

All the Leaders and Guru’s online all started here at My Lead System Pro. ( MLSP)  This training platform has the following features:-
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This community is second to none and we’ll give you all the training you need to build a successful online business.  You can use MLSP affiliate program as a self funding plan for all your advertising costs.  Tap into this amazing resource center right Here.

Do what you love annual of what you do.
Once you are on purpose and working with your skill set, you will begin to attract all the business you can handle.

When you do these basics of:-
1.  Building an audience or tribe.
2.  Engaging with them and finding their problems
3.  Offering solutions for their problems.

You will begin to get some amazing success or without much effort.  You would just attract the right people and they will want to buy your solutions off you.

Your energy level will increase and you will feel terrific knowing you are helping others with all your knowledge and skill.  Match of the right strategy and notices huge difference in your results.

The match and the feeling of being able to help people.  Seeing them get success while you see your income continued to rise each month.  Invest 10%, save 10%, grow 10% and live off the rest.  What were you do with an extra $5000/mth or $20,000/mth?

Stop dreaming now, set your intention, remove what is holding you back ( Trapped Emotion removal Here ), change your limiting beliefs here and watch your life turn around.

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