How to Check out if a Scammer or not!

More and more scammers are appearing out of the blue and contacting us all the time.  So how do we sort out who is real and who is not?

Scammer always approach you either most times on Facebook, on Skype or on your home phone. Always verify who they are by asking lots of questions and stop them talking for a bit. Their Facebook profile will be recent with little to no about details and just a few friends. They will have not many postings on their timeline and often no recent postings or no long history of posting.

They are always in a hurry to get the deal done.

Trust your gut feeling all the time.  Often they have no recent activity or long activity on social media like facebook.

There is often little trace or history of their personal or company details to check.  Ask lots of questions and verify online if possible.  They often use well known Brands and companies to hide behind.  Get the full name and position and what the purpose is of their calling.  Find out if they have other teammates managers or people you can check with.

Scammers hate being exposed.  One of the best checks you can do is to do a live video call.  They will make excuses and say they do not have Skype often. This is the first red flag

Also they always have strange e-mail address which is usually a webmail like gmail for instance.

Ask for their contact phone number and they will often hide or run away from this question. Red flag number two.

A scammer will always offer to do investing and manage your money for you.  You’ll be asked to open an account which they control.  You will not have login details or access to that account in most cases. You should be able to set up an account and have login details made private only to you.
Bank Accounts are often in a foreign country which is different to their location.  Red flag number three.

Countries for scammers are often poor countries like in Africa. Well known  Scammer countries are Nigeria and Ghana.

Seven steps to checking a Scammer
1. Slow the process down, no matter what scarcity or special deals are offered to you for starting early.
2. Ask for a live person to person video call.
3.  Run the offer or business past someone else and check out the person and company online
4.  Reverse google image any persons profile picture to find out if identical ones exist.
5.  Remember the old saying “If it is too good to be true, it probably is.”
6.  Invest small and get your seed money out before scaling up with the remainder.
7.  Use social media to check the other people’s comments on this contacting person. Look for social media proof.

Remember most Problems you have do not come with a quick financial fix from others, but hard work by you. So watch the emotions of a quick pain fix.

To find out more Information and to do homework on Scams, Ponzi Schemes or Scammers check out these websites.

Hope this is of help to you.

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