Imagine a Business, Where :-

  • You didn’t have to go to Work each day. ( all the work was done earlier, 2 years before )
  • Every Month say on the 15th, you received a Deposit into your Bank Account.
  • Every Month you received a pay rise. The Deposits continued to increase.
  • Your Health, Wealth and Relationships Improved.
  • You could do what you want when you wanted. All the Free Time you wanted to spend
    with Family, Friends, Self, Hobbies, Interests, Community and Traveling etc.
  • You could give your Kids a special Education or Rewards.
  • You could have lot’s of Fun, make new Friends and Help your family, and others in many ways.


Too good to be true. Well, It’s working for Millions of others and it can work for you. All you have to do is be shown how.
By Building your Online Business better gives you the key to allowing you to obtain the kind of Lifestyle you’ve always Dreamed of having.

All you need is for someone to show you how and give you a simple 5 Step Plan to follow. If you would like to Learn How to Make things Work Much Better then watch this Video Here explained by one of my Mentors.

Here are 5 Things that will Boost your Business Quickly.

1. Give Value to People. – Attract people to you rather than chase after people by giving great Information and How to Articles they can use.
2. Find Problems to Solve. – People will never buy from you if they can’t see any problems solved with your product.
3. Connect and Build relationships. – People also only buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. Take an interest in their world without any Agenda.
4. Followup and Followup. – Most people don’t buy on first contact. As they get to know you and see what you have is valuable, then they will buy.
5. Have a Simple Sales Funnel. You need a simple step by step plan that people can follow. They need to see the solution and be shown how to obtain it.


These 5 Steps You can Take will Make Your Business More Successful.
1. Clarify the Problem.  – What Problem are you actually solving with Your Product? Write out a list of 5 things it solves for People.
2. Build a Facebook Fan Page. – Build a Headline and Theme based around your Key Problem that you can Help people with.
3. Share Your Message. – Tell those with the Problem how they can Solve it.
Personal Message people on Facebook and Run Ads to your Fan Page for views and to build your Audience.
4. Build Your Sales Funnel. – Build One on Facebook, or Use a Dedicated Drag and Drop Program or Build one using your Website. Contact me to Learn How.
5. Find a Mentor. Get the best Training and Support to Improve your Business and learn State of the Art marketing Methods with our Team Here.

Useful Tools to Help get Your Business up and Running much Better
1. Learn How to Build Sales Funnels much Better Here.
2. Wanting to Find Products for your Niche and add to your Sales Funnel, then visit this Product Page.
3. Wanting an All in One Business in a Box ready to Promote, then check out this 5 in one, Done for You Business Here. Can be Setup fully on Auto-Pilot.
4. To Learn the Art of Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing ( PPC ) then Join our Team Here.

My Story and How I found Success Finally after 3 Years.

“Why are you wasting your time doing online business,” my friends and family said to me so many times.                                                                                       ColinTOvalBlur

“You’ve been at it for so long now with so much failure, just call it quits and try something else. I wish you all the best anyway.” I realized what Tony Robbins was saying to me now. “There are no failures in life, just results”

I thought I would never make it and get the break through I so yearned to see happen within my business. But I proved them wrong. I never quit. I finally beat years of failure and started on the path to freedom. So many people I found when chatting to them online, where in the same boat as me. They were told over and over again they needed to do this or that to be successful, but how, we were all asking.

I was failing so many times at so many things I just couldn’t find the secret that would work for me. I always felt stuck. Guess what, I was wrong.
I figured it out. I found a simple Recipe anyone can follow. It has given me recently the travel experiences and freedom I so much dreamed of having.
What a struggle with finding a recipe I could follow and understand easily. A Recipe that would allow me to set up the products and businesses I had and make money online.

I will share with you the exact same five-step Recipe that I used to turn my life around and set up my business online on autopilot allowing me to travel the world and have the freedom I was working so hard to obtain.

Where I have just come from and the struggles I had to overcome earlier in life, are so different to where I am today and the friends I now have.

My background was working in IT Industry as a Computer Engineer. I enjoyed the work but it never paid much. When I got married and had four beautiful children I found I had too much month at the end of my money. I simply was spending more than I was earning. I worked two and sometimes three jobs trying to keep food on the table and pay all the bills. I had a few hours spare each night where I battled on with a Health Network Marketing business looking for the key to make it work.

My weakness was in following up with people and talking to them. Relationships were not my strong point. My Personality type was an Analytical logical type of person. Task orientated not people orientated. I started getting behind in my payments so the credit cards started getting a work out but this only led to more problems when they became maxed out so often. I got deeper and deeper into debt and ended up with over $20,000 and all my creditors started chasing after me when my payments got behind.

The financial burden and long hours working to find a solution put strain on all my relationships. I ended up in divorce after many years and nearly lost my house. I refinanced my house to stabilize my world that was falling apart around me. This gave me a little breathing space. So many times I was told to talk to people and share the presentation and it will work. But how? No one would tell me what to do and how to do it or what to say and how to start talking to people. It just didn’t work for me.

I was nearly going to give up altogether when I came across a guy who introduced me to Affiliate Marketing. I joined his business in 2010 and began to understand more about the power of online business and marketing. Still it took me two years of trial and error joining many other businesses before I came across the concept of finding your own personal Mentor to show you the way.

I started using the power of the internet to reach more and more people at a much quicker rate. This was much better for me because I did not have to talk so much. I could chat online which made things much easier for me. I had lot’s of web building skills already by now and I could build all the parts to make a successful business but I still lacked marketing and follow up skills.

I teamed up with a few other mentors and finally it all came together. I learned Target marketing. I was able to find the exact people that were looking for my product. I also learned the art of building your most valuable Asset, your Email list and how to follow it up regularly each day.

The results were amazing and my break through finally happened. I started getting traffic, leads and sales conversions. I learned to work within my personality type. Not everyone can market or promote their business the same way. I now understood why I failed so much in Network marketing. I now had the confidence to resurrect my old network marketing business and use these same online principles to get my residual Income back up again.

I resigned from my Computer contract work in October 2015. I was sick and tired of the politics and the systems in place that did not work for me or the people I worked with. I had been planning for 3 years to get away from all this type of work. One week later I was off to Phuket Thailand and Hong Kong for a month. Finally I was able to break free of the lack and limitation in my life and start building the Lifestyle I really wanted for myself and my children.
These simple 5 steps is all that it took to start changing my thinking and begin building the lifestyle of my Dreams. Once I understood these simple steps I then figured out the 5 key Building blocks that allow anyone to build any online business successfully.

I went from years and years of failure to living life on my terms all within 3 years of being willing to pay the price and listen to my Mentor.
I simply worked out the Business Niche I wanted to work in, found some good products and assembled them into a high converting sales funnel. I had my mentors and team leaders in my businesses help all my new referrals get started the right way with training.

The funnel began to work on Auto-Pilot. I didn’t have to be the jack of all trades and I could get my Team leaders to help with training and webinars. I could make things more like a “Done for you” system . It was a business model that new people could easily copy and get results with, if they just put in a bit of work.

My Mentor gave me these 5 simple steps which helped me understand the power of Online Business.
1. Change your limiting beliefs. What if it were possible to improve your situation?
2. Get leverage. – Money can work far harder than you can.
3. The best way to earn money is through a home business.
4. Brand Your self for faster Business building and covering any failures.
5. Learn to Share and Promote your Business through Paid marketing and Attraction Marketing.

So if you have been struggling online then these 5 steps may help you understand how an online business can begin to change your life and your families.
One of the big problems I had when getting started with online business was being shown how to do things in a simple step by step manner.

Many of us who have little experience in knowing what to do or how to put Websites and Sales Funnels together in the beginning, got started with a Done for you. 5 Online Businesses in 1 System that worked fully on Auto-Pilot from day one, if people liked to Join the C0-Op Team. Learn More Here.

What I do to help people these days is give them this same 5 step recipe that changed my world for the better. A blueprint that they can follow and get the results like I have.

For more information and one on one coaching, personal message me. I will get to you as soon as I can cover all my messages. Just be patient. Please like my Fan Page Here, share these 5 steps to help others who may be struggling as well.

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